You can make the difference!

Hello Everyone!

As you know, I am running to promote children refugees education.

I already ran approximately 2’700 km (1.500 miles) which represents half or my way from New-York to Los Angeles.

I just reached the west, sometimes difficult and I am convince that I will make it all the way to the sea in Santa Monica!

I however need your help to the cause and this article from USA for UNHCR can help you decide !

Make your support here directly to the cause or here through helping me reaching my goal. You can also support buying a T-shirt here.

Thank you in advance!



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  1. I gope you are adjusting well to the elevation! I have had many dreams of doing simething similiar, so i wish you the very best!

    1. Thank you Jason.
      Was sometimes difficult, but if you believe, you can chase your dream.
      In case of interest, I just launched a webinar on the topic (see webinar table in the menu). It might help fulfilling your own dreams !

  2. We just passed you on the highway!! We’re driving from Fort Collins, CO to Rawlins, WY. We are excited to now follow your journey and support your cause!! You got this!

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