Chase Your Worthy Cause

Andre run USA 2020

The “Chase Your Worthy Cause” webinar is 42 minutes long.This life-changing message can be yours for the special price of USD 19,99.

I spent than 100 hours planning this webinar to make sure I give you the best content ever, in which I share with you my unique experiences and share with you these tools that have had such a positive impact on my life. 
The webinar explains the meaning of “Chase Your Worthy Cause” and tells you how to apply this vital principle to your life. The message also introduces who I am and what I have accomplished. You will hear the story of my father’s incredible journey from Cameroon to France that inspired me to run across the USA. 

The webinar also covers seven topics with a set of techniques, strategies, and tools associated with each topic. I explain how these tools can help you to reach your goals that you want to achieve (to reach the worthy cause that you are chasing).

These powerful topics are covered in the webinar: 
⁃ There is no perfect moment to start to chase your worthy cause.
⁃ Mind your own business to chase your worthy cause.
⁃ Turn your fears into fire to chase your worthy cause.
⁃ Find joy in the moment chasing your worthy cause.
⁃ Plan your work and work your plan, but be flexible with your plan in chasing your worthy cause.
⁃ Write down your worthy cause that you are chasing.
⁃ Use the law of attraction to chase your worthy cause.

You can access it as much as you want, by paying USD 9.99 to my PayPal account : louiseloumou@gmail.com

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