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Hello everyone,

Welcome to my brand new website!

My name is Andre. I am 33 years old. I am a French citizen born to African Immigrants, currently living in Normandy (north of France).

I work as a personal physical coach. Sports, in particular running, is my passion.

Starting November 1st 2019, I will start a 3’600 miles (5’794 Km) run across USA from Brooklyn, New York City to reach Santa Monica, California on March 7th 2020.

I will stop at 108 places overnight and will run approximately the distance of 137 marathons over 5 months.
So some days, I will run the equivalent of more than one marathon!

With this run, I will pay tribute to my dad’s memory and on the bigger scale to human migration that ever existed and will ever exist. So no better place for it than the USA. For this reason, I am proud to be affiliated with USA for UNHCR (The United Nations Refugee Agency) for this run.

My father’s journey from Cameroon to France took three years in the early 70’s with less than 50 dollars in his pocket and a strong faith in God. During his three years migration trip, he ate raw sheep guts, walked through lion territory in Africa, and swam for twelve hours in the dark of the sea. 

He has never renounced to fulfill his dream to get a better life.

My run will require similar determination and faith. 

Follow me here and on social media @andrerunusa and share with your family and friends !

With love, Andre

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